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If you haven't heard of us already, we are a small and local charity based in Hildenborough on a mission to end Duchenne after Connor Crawford was diagnosed with this in February 2016.  Duchenne is a cruel, life-limiting muscle wasting disease which attacks all muscles in the body; including the heart and lungs meaning short life expectancy.

It is vital that we continue to spread the word about Chasing Connor's Cure, raising vital funds and awareness which enables us to fundraise and ultimately fund further medical trials.  It's by funding these all important trials, that gets us that step closer to finding the silver bullet to end Duchenne.

If we want to save Connor and the generation of boys like him, we need to act now.  We are partnered with Duchenne UK who fund a wealth of clinical trials; and its from these trials that we're seeing some positive results.  


These results gives us hope - hope that there is some promising news on the horizon, hope that the silver bullet is reality.  Hope that we can save Connor.

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Together we can end Duchenne.

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